In religion we have been learning about Australia and our Australian song. From this I learnt what this song means to me, making connections to other text and making connections to the world. But I could of explained my connections better.

Enviro week

Many of the problems created by waste can be fixed by reducing the amount of waste we produce in the first place. Reducing waste includes rethinking what you buy and refusing things you don’t need. There are many ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce:
Reduce your use of single use and disposable products where possible and choose things which can be used again. For example, instead of buying bottled water on the run, take a bottle with you from home or buy products with minimal packaging where possible. Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging you collect. This can also save you money. Choose refillable containers. Refuse plastic bags when you don’t need them. Keep re-usable bags handy so you remember to take them to the shops. You can also use boxes or your own shopping trolley bag on wheels. When you’re buying fruit and vegetables, pop them straight into your trolley rather than plastic bags. Save on plastic wraps and freezer bags in kitchen by using re-usable containers as much as possible. If you don’t read advertising mail, put a sign on your letterbox that you don’t want it. Plan your meals to use items before they go out of date. Compost your food scraps or use them in a worm farm. When building or renovating, build only what you need and think carefully about your design. Good design can make existing space more usable or comfortable.

2. Re-use
It’s amazing how many things can have a second or even third life. If you can’t re-use something, there may be someone else who can. Repairing household items instead of replacing them can be a great way to reduce waste and save money. You might also be helping keep local specialist services like repairers and refurbishes in business. You might find innovative ways to re-use old bags, containers, building materials, clothing and unwanted things. Choose well made good items. These products may cost a little more but their lifespan will be longer. When you re-use items you’ve bought they become more cost-effective. Not only do you save money, you’ll also prevent those materials being discarded as waste. You’ll also help reduce the amount of energy used to manufacture new products. Here are some simple ways to re-use items: Give unwanted clothes, household items, furniture or appliances to family or friends, or donate them to charities. Washed takeaway containers make good stackable containers for frozen food. Wash glass jars and use them again to store food or things like buttons and nails. You can also give glass jars to friends or groups who make jams. Use small plastic bags to wrap wet and smelly rubbish or to pick up after your pet. See whether your trash could be treasure for someone else. For example, if your food scraps are going in the bin, there might be a gardener or someone with chickens who wants your organic waste. If you are building or renovating, think of using recycled materials such as windows or floorboards you can save money and add character at the same time.

3. Recycle
When you buy recycled products you are saving thingskk and reducing the impacts of pollution. When disposing of products make sure only the items accepted for recycling go in your recycling bin. These usually include glass, hard plastics, aluminium and steel, paper, cardboard and milk or juice cartons. There might be restrictions in your local area on what can be recycled so check with your local council. Your council will also be able to tell you if you should wash the recyclables before they go in the bin. See if appliances and furniture can be repaired instead of replaced. Charities and specialist repair services might want your broken goods to turn into recycled products. Find out what drop-off and recycling facilities are available in your local area. Contact your local council they may collect other items for recycling including mobile phones and printer cartridges. Look for products that use recycled materials or are recyclable. This way you’ll know that you’re helping to keep useful materials and metals out of landfill. Recycle unwanted plastic bags at your supermarket, or give them to charity stores who may use them.


In the past few weeks josh and I have been learning about percentages and selling products. We had to make a virtal store and had to make a profit of 15% and made 202.9. It was great and learnt many things from this web site. Now i am strong with uploading and percentages.

RE Homework

My mum shows great gifts and fruits of the holy spirit, either at work or at home she shows a great deal of responsibly to take care of my family and herself. She shows joy, happiness, kindness and generosity. As a child I look up to her for support and one day want to be like my mum to be a great role model.

Foot Print

If every one lived like me we would have to have 3 earths to keep a healthy environment. For billions of me. I think this website was a great thing for people that need to think for the future and now i think that we need to teach other people what could happen if we are not careful.

Number Seventeen

When the door shut
I could hear creaks
From the old wooden door
The cold untouched air
The laughs of old spirits
Coming to live
Swirling around
When the door shut

"the photo i've already forgotten..."..

When the sun sets
Animals come to life
The graves become haunted
The homes become cold, dark and restless
When the sun sets

Surt per amagar-se

When the sun rises
Animals don’t rules
They scram off and hide
So humans can rule
Humans become giants
When the sun rises

Week Review

On Monday they announced the winners of the mega challenge against all of the other classes our class yellow came third and purple came first. In the challenge I could of tried harder finishing it faster then I played soccer afterwards. Tuesday I didn’t have a great day at school because I grazed my face, legs and knees. Then I spilt vinegar everywhere. Then someone through a rock at my head. Wednesday I had a great day doing math’s with Mr Hindson and then had science with Mr Dando. On Thursday we had specialist and I really enjoyed drama, sport, art and debating, I think I could of tried harder on concentrating. Friday we had a great day in math and literacy. Then I bought things for my mum for mothers day.

Jeannie Baker

Jeannie baker was born on the 2 of november 1950 she now is 63 years of age. And still is loving her writing / illustrator that she does for children. Her best selling book is where the forest meets the sea. Jeannie was born in Croydon in England before emigrating to Australia in 1975 and now shes based in sydney. Shes very well known to do mixed media, environment and society. To create her books she uses collage where she learnt by going art class. When she was young she was the oldest of six children. She was living with an Australian architect David Blackwell untill he died in 2012 last year.

Home Work 2013 Maths

1 Entree

Pumpkin Soup.

2 Main

Beef Tacos with salad.

3 Dessert

Apple Pie with ice-cream.


1 $6.50

2 $20

3 $7


1 Pumpkins, 1 tub of cream other vegetables like carrot and potatoes.

2 Get hold of some quality beef mince and any types of salad you prefer if you like Greek yogurts and sauce you should get some. And some taco shells.

3 Pastry, 5 apples, sugar, cinnamon and butter.

Now i am left with $66.50 dollars now people can have seconds and be full the total cost ended up in $33.50.